The way we were 2

1960's traffic in Chester

Traffic at Chester cross before pedestrianisation

Those were the days?

A selection of photos of varying quality, well not many of us had cameras then did we? If we did they were very basic cameras like Coronet with fixed focus, black and white film, colour was just on the horizon for many of us. Digital cameras were the stuff of science fiction, never the less, we tried our best buying film and processing out of pocket money, pointing and shooting with sometimes strange results.






  • 3¹ and Miss Owen go to Snowdonia, then on to tea in Colwyn Bay.
  • Pam Farrington, Mary Jackson, Marilyn Jones and Carol Gibson go to Pooley Bridge, Ullswater for a youth club holiday.
  • The lower sixth art group go to Brittany in 1966 (after we’d had our smallpox jabs though, because the French wouldn’t let us into the country otherwise!).
  • Assorted photos from the 1960’s – us and them!.
  • Miss Dallymore’s leaving party in 1967.


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2 thoughts on “The way we were

  • Caz

    Biff’s wedding? We got to the church on the bus but had no transport to the reception. However being used to hitching all over the place, we got a lift from the photographer! After the reception we got back to Chester and had a Chinese. That is all I remember of that day.