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Dinner queue

Dinner queue

CCHS Old Girls Association

The nearest thing to the ‘real’ Old Girls Association that we all
remember has an informal coffee morning meeting annually at Hoole Hall

Originally formed by Olive Allman, Mollie Green and others, this is a
group aimed at those who began their CCHS careers in the
1930’s and 40’s.

Olive Allman writes:

“Our reunion in 2002 will be different. Mr Andrew Firman, Headmaster of
Queens Park High School, who was unable to join us at our first meeting, has
invited us to use the school premises again. He has an on-going project
about the history of the school and is interested to hear from us about our
time there. A longer meeting with a meal will make it more worthwhile for
people who come from a distance. Those who went to our first get-together in

Did we really use those bars?

Did we really use those bars?

1994 may like to see the old place again and those who have joined us since
may also like the opportunity to visit. Mollie is already making plans and
will have further news when we meet this year. Helpful suggestions from
anyone will be welcome and we will be pleased to hear your ideas at our
meeting. ..

Once again especial thanks to Mollie who does all the work at the Chester
end and to Beryl who enjoys playing with her computer for our benefit!

PS. The meeting in 2002 will be on Saturday 21st September”

At some point, an account of the great day will be available…but for now there are some photos here.

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