Class of 66 1


Class of 66

Gill Thompson
( formerly Gill Oswald ) writes:

I have tried to contact the one person I still have contact with from my year
and we have patched together a class list by dredging our memories – neither of
us have any way of contacting these people as they have probably all changed
their names…

These are the people I have dredged from the depths of memory:

  • Sue Breakwell ( she was head girl in our year I think)
  • Joy Parry,
  • Cynthia Blaney,
  • Jean van der Boon,
  • Freda Thelwell,
  • Helen Fair,
  • Jill Hartwell,
  • Judith Owen,
  • Sandra Denning,
  • Janet Wade,
  • Leslie Jones,
  • Stephanie Williams,
  • Christine Woods,
  • Leslie Davies
  • and me – Gill Oswald.

Miss Preston was head, and I remember Daisy Riley, Miss Percival Smith, Miss
Beadon (? spelling) Mrs Lloyd-Davis, Mrs Munday…. that’s about it.gill_skirt

Let me know if I should come and I’ll send the cheque ‘tout-suite’. this has
been a very welcome deviation from typing out the bibliography on my

Janet Sowden
( formerly Janet Wade)

Would like to hear from you and
please add the word Reunion to the subject line on the email form.

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One thought on “Class of 66

  • Janine Leitch

    Hi, the big school photo shows the class-that-was-to-be ’66 along the front row. Gillian joined us in (I think) 3rd year. Inset photo above is Madame Wozniak with Mrs Levy, both French. Mrs Levy was also 1X form teacher and unfortunately left at the end of the following year. Dark-haired girl in front of them is Lesley Davies, think it’s Pat to her right, t’other one – know the face, can’t attach a name (50 years since I’ve seen her- that’s my excuse anyway.) Staff from right to left: Mrs Brown (school sec), Mrs Lloyd-Davies (Art), Mrs Roberts-to-be (can’t remember family name) Gym, ?, then possibly Mrs Pritchard, Nice Welsh lady (think she was Biology), Miss Riley (Geography), Mme Wozniak, Mrs Levy, Miss Dallimore, Miss Percival-Smith (English) (unfortunately died, I think it was following year), Miss Salmon (deputy head), Miss Preston, Miss Duncan (history, died a couple of years later), Miss Riley (music – close friend of Miss Duncan), ?, Mrs Reece (RE), Mrs Burton Domestic Science, Miss Neil (English), ?(PE), Miss Seddon (Maths) ?(possibly music), ?Domestic Science and Mr ? Physics. Soz if this is repetitive/common knowledge.
    Additional names to Class list: Heather Boyle, Eileen Snape, Nicola Tilotson, Jill Lawrence (who really scaled the heights), Pauline (?) Howard, Gwen Krivda (who was so tall they put her at the back), Susan Shaw, Sandra ?King (strikingly black hair), Jennifer King, Elizabeth Hill (moved away in 3rd year), Gillian Taylor, Jacqueline Robson, Gillian Eccles, Patricia Woodcock. I’m sitting at the front skew-legged in front of Nicola and beside Pat Woodcock, think it was Judith can’t-remember-surname on the other side of me. Think all of these got to fifth form, have Chester Chronicle page somewhere from ’66 – will dig out (eventually).