Class of 64 2

Class of 64

Gillian Drury

I’ve been reading your excellent web site following your letter in the local
press. Being very much a novice convert to IT, it has also galvanised me into
contacting you using this new-fangled method!

I’m one of the “oldies” from the class of 64. I was Gillian Drury, (Head Girl
in 65-66!), and am now Gillian Fisher, living in Chester again after teaching in
Surrey, Yorkshire and Widnes. I’m now a “lady of leisure”, enjoying watching my
children and grandchildren progress through the various stages of their lives,
very often comparing their school experiences to mine!

I think I recognise myself on the mass photo in my gym slip, and was probably

Prize giving 1965

Prize giving 1965

cut off the “Chronicle” photo, sitting next to Marilyn Steel and Nanette Biggins, (Deputy Head Girls).

Poor Miss Dallimore! My memory of her was demonstrating an experiment with an
enormous bandage on her fore finger,(the result of an earlier experiment that
had gone awry). She leant across the bunsen burner and caught the dressing in
the flame; within a second there were flames leaping from her hand, and the poor
old girl didn’t know whether to scream on her own account or quell our screams
(of glee?!) And then there were all those times we spent flicking little balls
of mercury up and down the benches…

Has no-one any stories of Daisy Riley, or does her ghost still terrorise us
all?! I understand she spent her final years very involved at the Cathedral, and
had a fitting send off from there. The majority of the staff we knew from the
1961 photo are probably now dead…ladies who probably lost the chance of having
families of their own because of two world wars, and who believed fervently in
giving the next generation of girls the best educational start possible.

I attend an adult class at QPHS on Wednesday mornings, and because of
refurbishment, we had to use the main school one morning. I found myself walking
down a corridor and back in a classroom little changed in 35 years!  Of
course, once you allow your memory to wander, it’s amazing what you can dredge
up. The Class of 64 started at CCHS the same year as Miss Preston, 1959, when
the Handbridge building was still in the throes of refurbishment. During the
spring and summer terms of our first year we were farmed out due to lack of
space, firstly to St John’s School, (now the Visitor Centre opposite the
amphitheatre) and then the Bluecoat School in Upper Northgate Street. What
bliss! Three classes of first years left very much to their own devices while
harassed staff raced between sites! One wag chalked “Caesar sat here” over a
decrepit loo!

I certainly hope to attend next year’s grand reunion at QPHS. With best
wishes  Gillian Fisher (née Drury)

Susan Kelly
( formerly Susan Davis ) writes:

“I recognise many names on the site for the October [2000] reunion – I
remember staying with Julia Slocombe in Edinburgh after she moved there and went
from Barclays Bank in Chester to the British Linen Bank in Edinburgh. Susan
Sadler, in Perth, had a pony called Sugar who I used to ride on her farm at
Milton Green (or Handley). Andree Dorman, Ruth Bender – I’m slightly vague as to
which year they were in relation to me (I was born September 1947). Some seem to
have been in the same year, but I don’t see my name (Susan Davis), Margaret
King, Sally Lacey, Sue Baldry (who sadly died last year) Christine Wyld, Sheila
Goulborne, Vicki Baran, Virginia Mayorcas, Madeleine Krivda – maybe we were a
different V1 year.

What a huge pendulum swing, from remembering days of Latin with Miss Owen, to
indulging in retirement with grand-child. What happened in the in-between years?

If a reunion is planned for my year I would be delighted – I think I still
need to discover which my year is, though! I shall keep an eye on your excellent
site and monitor for future events.

Regards, Sue Kelly (Davis as was!)”


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  • Patricia Clubbe

    I was Patricia Blything and left school at the end of year five,in 1964. I regret not going on to further education but I had already met my future husband to whom I am still very happily married. One of my memories is of climbing through a window, into school, with Sally Gardiner !! We had been at the Cheshire trials at Overleigh and when we got back to school it was all locked up with our clothes inside. A whole lifetime ago. I would love to attend the next reunion.